Build Errors On Change Set 27140

Jan 25, 2010 at 11:35 PM


My name is Phil Bender. I am software engineer working for an aerospace company in southern California. Although I have no formal training in molecular biology, I do have a very keen interest in it. I have been looking for an open source project in molecular biology that was written in C# for some time now and was very happen to find your Athena project.
I have been using C# /.Net professionally for over 7 years and have written several applications for my company and really like the language and the .Net framework.

I am having problems building change set 27140. It looks like one of the classes (  LinearGradient ) is private. If I look at the SBMLExtension.dll assembly using the DDK tool ildasm.exe LinearGradient class is private. Also around line 47 in MainForm.cs  it
looks like the constructor has some errors in the parameter list.
_sbwMenu = new SBWMenu(mnuSBW, "Athena", ()=> Utility.GetSBML());

I am very much interested in helping out with your project, in anyway I can. As I said, my knowledge of molecular biology is limited at this point, but I have been diligently studying the subject. At a minimum I should be able contribute my software skills.

Phil Bender

Here are the errors:

Error 1 'SBMLExtension.EmlRenderExtension.LinearGradient' is inaccessible due to its protection level D:\MyNotes\SoftwareDevelopment\C#\SystemsBiology\Athena\trunk 27140\VisualEditor\Objects\IGlyph.cs 968 50 Athena-vs2005
Error 2 'SBMLExtension.EmlRenderExtension.LinearGradient' is inaccessible due to its protection level D:\MyNotes\SoftwareDevelopment\C#\SystemsBiology\Athena\trunk 27140\VisualEditor\Objects\IGlyph.cs 968 108 Athena-vs2005
Error 3 The type 'SBMLExtension.EmlRenderExtension.LinearGradient' has no constructors defined D:\MyNotes\SoftwareDevelopment\C#\SystemsBiology\Athena\trunk 27140\VisualEditor\Objects\IGlyph.cs 968 71 Athena-vs2005
Error 4 'SBMLExtension.EmlRenderExtension.LinearGradient' does not contain a definition for 'X1' D:\MyNotes\SoftwareDevelopment\C#\SystemsBiology\Athena\trunk 27140\VisualEditor\Objects\IGlyph.cs 970 21 Athena-vs2005
Error 5 'SBMLExtension.EmlRenderExtension.LinearGradient' does not contain a definition for 'Y1' D:\MyNotes\SoftwareDevelopment\C#\SystemsBiology\Athena\trunk 27140\VisualEditor\Objects\IGlyph.cs 970 37 Athena-vs2005